Monday 5 April 2010

Happy Birthday Palm-Olive

Palm-Olive is one today, that year has flown by. The day she was born was very much like today, wet in the morning then drying up and extremely windy - I do have a good memory but I also keep very precise records!

She is the first and only female weanling we have released for sale. She is sired by Accoyo Remarque and has a huge amount of fine, bright white fleece, which has been very handy this winter. She is growing well and I would expect that she will be ready for mating before the end of the summer.

For the first time ever I found an alpaca tooth this morning. I've have been saying to Paul for ages I can't believe how I've never found one bearing in mind how many the animals have lost in the 3+ years we have had them.

It took me until this evening to work out who it had come from. It is Chiquita's, she yawned after she'd had her tea to reveal a mouth full of very strangely positioned teeth. She has a mix of adult and baby teeth at the minute so they are pushing each other about; not that it is bothering little Chiquita.

This will make you laugh, this afternoon I was laid on the ground in the paddock looking at Willow's undercarriage. She is at 300 days gestation today and her shape has now changed. I also spotted her baby doing what looked like somersaults this morning so I was checking to make sure there was no teat development as she is far too early yet.

Then I spotted a pair of feet, man feet! It was 'Trigger' (I have no idea why he is called that by the way), one of Alan's farm hands who had seen me on the floor as he was leaving Alans' and wanted to make sure I was ok!! I could see he thought I was mad, how embarrassing.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

He will get a reputation...if you carry on like that !....lying on the floor !...looking at bellies...might there be something in the air...down there....Jayne

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Man feet? had Trigger already taken off his shoes and socks?
Nice one Debbie!

Patou Alpacas said...

The mad Alpaca Lady of Morpeth.....
Has a nice ring to it!


You are so funny, but we'll do anything to get a "handle" on when those crias will emerge!! Marty McGee tells how (when she was a new llama breeder)she followed a llama in labor around with her face right up to the tail. Whe the legs popped out, they hit her in the face!!! Time to back off!