Thursday 8 April 2010

Working on a plan

I'm sure some of you were wondering where I was last night - I was watching Paul sort out the new PC and the latest connection issue. By the time it was sorted it was past my bedtime.

Cleaning the fields gives you a great opportunity to think, and I've been doing a lot of both!

The girls are clearly not going short on food judging by the amount of cleaning that is required if you get my drift! I quite enjoy it though, it gives you a good excuse to spend some time with the animals without feeling guilty about what else you could be doing.

I have my eye on a very exciting opportunity, well at least I think it could be. I was making lists in my head whilst I was poo picking which has now been transferred to paper to put to the money half of the partnership. As with most things though Paul needs a bit of convincing; unless it's his idea then it's a different story.

I'm pleased to say that my dad seems to be on the mend, thanks for all your kind comments and emails.

Still no sign of any lambs!!


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Glad to hear you Dad is on the mend !...still no Lambs...hopefully the weather will stay nice...for the new arrivals...Jayne

oak haven alpacas said...

I find I do my best thinking while scooping poop. And best yet, I find no one bothers me while I'm out there (other than the occasional curious alpaca who stands right behind me watching me carefully)