Sunday 25 April 2010

Oh deer

Paul had a 10k road race this morning over at the coast and seeing as everyone was looking fine and dandy I decided to go along to cheer him on. I'm pleased to say he did well and was 2 minutes under the time he wanted.

Whilst on the subject of exercise, Smudge (cat) really stretched her legs today and walked right across to the other side of the paddock. She doesn't usually venture much further than the back door. She is a hot house cat, so much so she used to love it in the sauna we had at the last house!

At lunchtime we had manure collectors coming. Liz with her mum and son Matthew. You may recall me passing comment about Liz coming before and surrounding her daughter in poo, well today was Matty's turn - I think her daughter thought once was enough!

Hughie loved the attention he received as usual. Paul and I did well too, Liz bought us some homemade jam and her mum had made us some lovely carrot cake which went down well with a cup of tea this afternoon (not all of it!). Thank you ladies.

This evening when I was doing my final check of the girls with the binoculars I got a bit of a surprise. They were all sat down and I was looking at Imala who has taken to sitting on her side when Mallika jumped up swiftly followed by everyone else with the exception of Willow.

As I put the binoculars down I saw two deer jump their fence into the girls next field and on to the neighbours field beyond that. I've never seen them in these two fields before, they used to go in the field at the side of the house but I've not seen them in there for a while.

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