Friday 16 April 2010

Fresh grass gets the boys excited.

Today has flown by, I had a list of jobs to do and I didn't get through them all. I've had mum working her little socks off too!

The boys have had a change of field today, I have moved them further away from the girls much to Guinea's disgust. I think he thought he was off to see the ladies when I put his halter on and walked him out of his paddock.

On fresh grass the boys were all excited and have been jumping and charging about like a bunch of lunatics. Hopefully they have calmed down by now as they were getting the youngsters all excited too.

Talking of the youngsters I weighed the four smallest this morning. They are all gaining weight nicely.

I have put together Dukes hand over pack ready for tomorrows trip to Zanzibah. I have been telling him all week he will be Scottish after tomorrow. He is going to miss Star but I know he will get plenty of love from Jayne and will soon get a new girl friend.

Incidentally still no lambs!


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Ohhh...I have some nice little girlies..up here to greet him, when he arrives...have a safe journey !.....Im trying to find that domestic goddess...but I think she has retired...!!....Jayne

Shirley said...

Hi Debbie, Welcome to Scotland, Duke - ye'll hae tae spik the Doric in Banff, jist like the fairmers! Take care. Shsirley & Robbie