Tuesday 13 April 2010

Early starts all round

I wasn't the only one with an early start this morning, Paul had to be up at the crack of dawn too. He was taking Eubank and two of his mates to see the nasty man (at the slaughter house) before he went to work. I don't get involved with this, I appreciate it is what they are bred for but I don't like it and can't bear to be part of it. And no before you ask, I don't eat them either.

After the field was emptied I set about harrowing it, it is a big field and I'd not appreciated how much bigger than the others it is until I was driving round and round and round..................

I also disinfected all the sheep hurdles before I put them away again. I also did some of the alpaca hurdles whilst I was at it seeing as we'd used them at the weekend for lambivac injections.

The younger girls, Mallika and Sienna in particular have been charging round like loonies today jumping on each other. I think the fresh spring grass must have got to them, they've overdosed on E numbers or something. They did look very elegant pronking round the field with Lualeni heading up the rear.

The other girls kept well out of the way, they are all in their final trimester of their pregnancies and some past 300 days so they are not interested in such activities, even Ursula who is usually up for a jump about wasn't playing.

Many of the girls are spending much more time sitting down now and I have noticed that Nefertiti sits very slowly now. I'm really looking forward to babies. At this rate we will have cria before we have lambs!!


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

I have to comment....!!..this has really upset me...as I knew Eubank..and the thought of what has happend today...just about rounds things off....for today !..Jayne

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

It upsets me too Jayne, Paul is still getting the cold shoulder. I will pass one your comments to him!