Thursday 17 July 2008

At last a break through

Today, at last, we have had a break through with Gaussian, our nine day old cria who is requiring milk top ups from a bottle. He actually suckled a whole 180ml in one sitting from the bottle which is a great improvement, we had been lucky to get 100ml into him without a fight. He still has to be restrained but it is becoming less of a fight. He also put on the most weight to date today so I'm hopeful we've now turned the corner. The hard work is paying off.
Oonagh (Blossoms daughter from last year) has really had the mischiefs on her today, running and skipping round the paddock annoying people. At feed time she jumped on her mum and nearly knocked her through the fence. She then thought it would be funny to try and jump on Paul as he was putting their feed out. I think she was showing off to Inca, the Fowerry stud we have here on loan at present. She is certainly flirting with him now, letting us know she thinks she is ready for mating!
We managed to get some fertilizer onto the resting paddock this morning, just in time for the monsoon style rain that arrived this afternoon and evening. All traces of it had vanished within a couple of hours. Hopefully the grass will be nice and lush green again very soon.

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