Tuesday 15 July 2008

Busy day with the new toy

Today has been non stop, we moved the girls and their cria onto fresh grass today and as usual they loved it and spent ages running and jumping round. Most of the cria had not actually been in this paddock, they'd only seen it over the fence so they were charging round exploring.
So once the well munched paddock had been vacated I got the muck truck out whilst Paul did a spot of strimming and cutting of the stalky grass, then he got to try out the new toy! Paul and his much more mechanically minded brother Dean (check out the photo!), cut down and adapted the chain harrow kindly donated by Alan our friendly farmer neighbour at the weekend so we tested it out. Hopefully it help to get the grass growing ready for the girls to go back on it in a few weeks time - time will tell.
Moving on to Gaussian, I think there has been a bit of a break through today and the feeding as not been quite so much of a battle. He also put on a decent amount of weight today too. Well done little man!!!

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