Thursday 31 July 2008

Ovulation spit offs

This morning began with ovulation spit offs for Imala and Blossom, both girls were mated last week. So it was a little tease for poor Inca, I was slightly concerned that Imala was going to sit as she has been spending more time than I would have liked near Inca's fence. But nothing to worry about there, she wasn't happy with him in the pen and tried to escape, Blossom didn't even let me get within a few feet of her with him when she filled her cheeks with something very unpleasant!

Chiquita, our little dormouse was hanging round very hopefully. She still needs to double in size before any action in that department, although it doesn't stop her really trying and this morning she got poor Inca so excited he was making a bit of a fool of himself. In the end I had to drag (as she wouldn't move!) Chiquita away from him.

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