Sunday 9 November 2008

All change

Today has been a big move day, the main herd (all the mums, babies and pregnant maidens) have gone into their winter field, and this year it's a new one. Regular readers may remember me mentioning earlier in the year that we'd rented some additional land from our neigbour and that is where the herd headed today.

It was a bit of a job because there were a few who decided that they didn't want to move, they also had to pass the boys and Golden Guinea got extremely excitable and was trying to get to the ladies!

It was great to see once everyone got through the gate it was heads down and munching. Blossom pushing as much lush grass as possible into every mouthful just in case she was only passing through. Geena was getting a bit stressed because she really dislikes change, but as soon as she saw all the new grass she was happy.

Hopefully the grass will give everyone a boost as the weather forecast isn't good for the next week. Also fingers crossed it will help Gaussian pile on a few kilos. He's up to 15.6kg now so slowly heading in the right direction.

The sheep also moved onto fresh grass which pleased them, the sheep are so greedy I can't imagine it will last them long. The two ewe's, Pepper & Mocha are hopefully going off to the tups this week.

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