Thursday 25 June 2009

Spit off & a mating

I've had a few spit offs to do this week but as I needed three different boys I needed to wait until Paul was about to offer assistance. Last time Veruschka decided to try and jump out the mating pen so I didn't want to chance doing it alone!

First up was Willow who was one of the three that had a visit to Fowberry two weeks ago now, she spat last week so knew she'd ovulated. She was having none of Guinea's approaches so that was good news. Mary was the same, in fact in true Mary style she tried to kick the living daylights out of poor Guinea.

The third girl we took to be remated was Imala, not such good news on this was, she dropped like a sack of spuds at Guinea's feet. Back on a 6 hour round trip for her then.

Next was Kate's turn, she gave birth at the end of May and has not been interested in remating since. We were hoping to try Loki out on her but she was a bit too much for him. She quite clearly needed a more forceful male; having just been on spit off duties Guinea was not going to take no for an answer and she sat for him. Golden Guinea performed his longest mating to date of 24 minutes so fingers crossed that will be Kate pregnant.

Veruschka is still not keen to be remated yet, it's almost a month since she gave birth to Tenzing so I was hoping that she would be receptive by now. I don't agree with forcing girls down so I will leave her a little longer and see how we get on.

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