Thursday 28 January 2010

Felting and field cleaning

I have had a productive day today, after the usual morning jobs I sat down with a cup of tea (yes I still have tea-bags) and made some felted buttons to put onto some booties I finished knitting last night. I got a bit carried away and felted a few balls as I have another idea for them, more on that another time.

This afternoon I have been out in the fields cleaning again. It amazing how much poop 5 boys can create overnight! They have, rather had a nice clean field again then I set off into the girls field.

I knew this was going to be a long job and I ran out of daylight hours. I did find myself watching everyone on more than one occasion rather than sucking; you just can't help it.

Willow and Veruschka were following me round rolling round me feet. I think this must have been some sort of show of appreciation.

Kealani has almost grown out of her coat now, I'm sure she doesn't really need it now but as we have snow forecast again I have put it back on for a few more nights.

I have actually sent my mum off with a shopping list to get me some more waterproof material so I can make some more cria coats ready for birthing season. One lot of material should be very posh - watch this space.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Felting and field cleanining, I've been also mucking out was a mamouth job...there was weeks of I couldn't get the digger out with the ice/snow !..Im the one whos pooped tonight !!!!......don't get too posh on me now !'re talking babies already...I can't believe it !! (who do I sound like)...Jayne