Wednesday 4 August 2010

Home time for my parents

All the new knitted stock has now been washed and is ready for labelling, I never relish that bit! Thinking of names for everything is getting really difficult now but I got there in the end.

My parents have gone home this afternoon, after mum had given Rory (Geena's baby) his bottle and fed the girls some carrots - they do get spoilt. Guinea is enjoying raspberries most evenings as we have some wild ones growing on the lane.

I'm not sure what Kate has been on today but this evening she was pronking round the field with the babies. She did however take a bit of a dislike to poor Wynfor who she was trying to stamp on when he sat next to her baby Ochre, who incidentally is a right lump these days!

Katia is now looking slightly closer to birthing however I still wouldn't be surprised if Oonagh beats her to it. Oonagh has a bag of milk and is following in her mums footsteps with huge teats.

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