Friday 13 August 2010

Making a start

Oh boy it has rained today, in fact it started in the night and hasn't stopped all day. The fields really need it but I would like it to stop for a brief time for feeding at least.

Rory hasn't wanted his bottle today, he didn't like me wearing my waterproof coat. Thankfully by bedtime he'd got used to me in alien clothing and happily drank his bottle.

The day started with a lovely conversation with someone who is very lucky and shall remain nameless at the minute as I didn't ask for permission to mention it. All I will say is watch this space.

In fact thinking about it, I spent most of the morning on the telephone talking alpaca, great topic of conversation don't you think.

The rest of the day has been spent in front of the computer, I don't know how I used to do it all day everyday!

I've started to update the on-line shop and all, well most, of the photo's are re sized; yes I managed to do it all by myself, and ready to be up loaded. It is such a slow job though it takes ages.

Paul is on holiday from his day job next week so he has a 'to do list' being prepared and general website updates are on there. I'm not allowed to do those, he doesn't trust me.

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Rosemary said...

It has also been raining torrentially here - and Greeves and Lina hate my coat so I have to take it off and get soaked!