Sunday 6 March 2011

Fully trained

After yesterdays training session I thought I would treat myself to a day off today and leave Faith to the feeding routine; don't you think she did a good job!

She wanted to meet all of the Barnacre team so today we had to go and see Carol, she'd been on about it all day yesterday, so we descended on mass at Carol and Dave's this morning.  Thankfully Carol is great and has got used to us taking over her house, so not only was it fleece it was family today as well.

I did take her over some hand spun yarn as a bit of a softener!  Oh but she was much kinder to me and I bought home lots of her lovely knitting she'd done in sunny Spain.  I really must get Paul to show me how to update the shop so I can share it with the world.

By the way Mark I couldn't get the last two of yesterday's photo's to stay the right way up and gave up trying in the end, please forgive me!


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

The Barnacre work force is started early these days !!...Faith has done a fantastic this rate you will be out of a job Debbie !! is she getting on with the knitting..if I recall the last had started her with that as well.....! Are you planning on early retirement !!......Jayne

Anonymous said...

Fab photos again! Lovely to meet Faith yesterday....oops and everyone else who came too.....have some lovely beginner knitting patterns for Faith to try out when she has time to get the needles out....maybe next time she visits?

Anonymous said...

PS The handspun wool you brought yesterday is fab but I've run out already.....get spinning quick so I can finish my hat!