Saturday, 19 March 2011

Man flu

This morning started with some hay and straw bale moving, we had a number of bales being stored in the field shelter behind the house so it can't stay there much longer.  Whilst it was frosty we thought we would take the quad and sheep taxi trailer over without damaging the ground too much.

Whilst the gate was open Golden Guinea was trying to get through to the other boys, I think he had his eye on their hay!

My parents have gone home today (with a very full car!) after being up for a few days helping out.  Mum is currently knitting a fabulous three toned scarf, I think she was hoping to finish it whilst she was up here but I kept her far too busy for that!!!

I'm having to try and find time to spin before we run out of yarn.  We need to keep the stock levels up so we are all still busy doing one thing or another.  I've just taken an order for some luxury baby knitwear for a very lucky set of twins and their big sister. 

No more spinning for me tonight though I'm in need of an early nigh,t as is Paul who has man flu; poor thing.


Denise said...

Isn't that always the case, house needs to be packed up and the men get "man flu"! Hope Paul feels better soon and good luck with the new hens

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

What timing....poor Paul with Man Flu ....Get Well Soon....what ever next.....I got a new hen today !!....isnt that funny.......lets hope the flu passes and you don't catch it !!....Jayne

Rob @ Wellground said...

Sympathising Paul, take a week off ;o))



Shirley said...

It's the flu, man! Keep 'yer head down Paul - quickest way to TLC! Take care. Robbie

Rosemary said...

Man flu? That's bad! Get well soon, Paul!