Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Spring is in the air

It has definitely felt spring like today, after the sun had come out to melt away the very keen frost we woke up to.

The big boys seems to smell spring to as there was a lot of posturing and rough and tumble going on.  At one point Legend, Gianmarco and Loki were having a three was scrap whilst Hughie was too busy standing on guard at the fence in case someone came passed without noticing him!

I am currently spinning some of his fleece, he has a fantastic handle (feel) to his fleece and cuts a nice big weight.  Unfortunately for Hughie he has a fawn spot behind his ear so he didn't cut the stud grade for us and is the only Barnacre gelding (castrated boy).

I have some of his sister Princess Mallika carded so I may do a little bit of the two of them plied which should be nice. 

I certainly need to get on with the spinning as I received a text from Carol last night saying she has knitted another nine things and is running our of yarn!

It's a good job we all seem to be knitting quicker this year as I have already sold three times more knitwear this year than I had at the same point last year. This is all encouraging and shows that hard work and dedication pays off.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Could you be suffering from Compulsive Knitting Disorder !!...does Carol Sleep Knit !.....Im starting to wonder.......Hughie looks lovely....fancy doing that to him !!...... :( Jayne

Rosemary said...

Right! I need greater dedication and a lot more hard work - starting now!

Anonymous said...

Faith's got a few jobs t add to your list for the weekend.

I want Auntie Debbie to:

Take me to bed
Get me out of bed
Play with me
Take babies picture

Lots of Love
Faith xx

Shirley said...

whe-aye Debbie, that Hughie is a good looking fella. Shirley & Robbie