Monday 15 October 2012

I'm back!

I have been fighting with the Internet over the last few days, not only is blogger giving me hell so is our BT broadband.  Paul spoke to them today and it has to be said he got madder than I've known him get in a very long time.  To cut a very long story short to get the Internet to work we currently have to have an extension cable into the loft (leaving the loft hatch down), take the BT master socket to bits and put a phone and the router into the test socket and hay presto it works!

BT are supposed to be coming to deliver a new socket within the next 48 hours but I get the impression they are expecting me to fit it; umm this could be interesting.

We've had a busy few days, Friday mum and dad were stapling some stock fencing for me whilst I was skirting some fleece.  We were also getting ready for the show at Thirsk on Saturday.

Mum and dad came along; here's mum showing Seymour.

 And we met Jan there.  Jan recently bought her first alpacas and wanted to experience a show, so she took Nadia, full sister to Lady Godiva who is now owned by Jan & Phil, into the ring.  She came second to the girl who went on to win Supreme Champion, so no shame in that.
I don't seem to have taken any photo's of Paul and I in the ring with Emery, Sandstorm, Neelie and Niveous, all of whom came how with rosettes. 

Sunday was another busy one, we had arranged to deliver Palm-Olive and her superb cria Clive to Jan & Phil now Palm-Olive is a bit further into her pregnancy.  We had just got them down into the yard and had wormed her when a big group of walkers from Boldon Outdoor Activities Club came through.

They were all smitten by the alpacas, Liberty was straight over to say hello and Bridie got lots of attention too.  Mary made sure she came over to see if anyone had anything to eat!

Finally, this one is for you Jan.  It's the White Clive shot I was telling you about, he's a great advert for Persil, or should that be Palmolive soap!!

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Rosemary said...

Congratulations to Jan - and you of course!