Wednesday 3 October 2012

Visitors and a wise owl

Firstly Judy B, cream carpet says 'no' to most things, but most of the cottage is tiled so alpacas, cats, lambs, hens and dirty boots are all accepted - I do try to keep the chickens out though!

We had a visit from a lovely lady this morning looking to get her first alpacas, I love sharing all that we learnt good and bad with people looking to keep these wonderful alpacas. 

We had a walk through some of the fields, spent some time with the livery girls and chatted over tea and knitwear for quite some time.  I'm pretty sure she left with more knowledge than she came with and enjoyed her time with us.  Nothing can ever prepare you for the immense pleasure (and sometimes pain) alpacas can bring, but I like to do as much as I can to help people make informed choices and decisions as I can.  I remember what it was like when Paul and I were doing our alpaca research getting told all sorts of different opinions.

I'm pleased to report for the first time Liberty actually came to me for milk today, she's looking much happier now she's taking the bottle so hopefully she will be back to the old Liberty running to meet all our visitors very soon. 

As I was unable to blog on Monday evening (blogger wasn't playing ball again), I forgot to share with you this fantastic wood carving we came across whilst going to pick up 21 ewe lambs.  Before you ask they are Blackies (!!), thankfully so far they are better behaved ones than the last lot.

As we passed a forested being cut down we saw this:-


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