Tuesday 30 October 2012

Can you believe it..

This morning started off lovely and sunny but the rain was forecast for later so I wanted to get my outdoor chores done before it arrived as I'd decided that with heavy rain and wind forecast I would bring all the mums and cria into the shed.  Well whats the point of having this nice cosy facility if I don't use it.

The shed dwellers had a wonder round the yard in the morning sun whilst I mucked them out, although Bridie preferred to keep her eye on me so stayed in the shed supervising.

By lunchtime the clouds were gathering so after the shed dwellers had had their bottles and sugarbeet I set off up the hill to bring the girls down.

As the channel still isn't finished I thought that it would take a while as the girls can get into what will be the paddock closest to the shed (and it's quite a big strange shaped one).  The livery girls always go that way but head straight to the gate so I don't usually have to chase them out.

Anyway the girls seemed to know what I had in mind and ran straight down the channel, by the time I'd picked up three feed troughs (I couldn't manage more than that in one go) they were at the gate, they never even ventured off the channel.

I'd not opened that gate because they've never run down to that one before so Imala stood at the front of the queue patiently waiting for me to open it.  They all followed me straight into the barn (aka shed) where they have been scoffing copious amounts of hay ever since.

I'm glad they are in because it has rained most of the afternoon and the wind has really go up now.  Looking at the weather forecast they will be staying there for a couple of days.

Azrael, our skinny cria is still enjoying his bottles, I've stopped weighing him daily as one day he's up and the next he's down then back up again, I'll do it every two or three days.  He seems much brighter in himself now although he's still pretty weak.  He's had some more sugarbeet today so hopefully all this will help him gain some weight and strength.

I'm busy knitting a special order at the minute which isn't growing quick enough so I'm going to go and do a few more rows now.  Mum is also knitting a pair of ladies socks that have been ordered and hopefully Carol has finished some ordered legwarmers. 

People certainly seem to have started their Christmas shopping now, our knitwear is going down a treat; I've actually sold out of full gloves at the minute, just fingerless ones left for now.  I think I need to learn to knit in my sleep.

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