Monday, 8 October 2012


At least I am on the Internet, and blogger - best get on with this quick before I either lose the connection of blogger dies!

We had a busy weekend again, Saturday Ross, Gill and Taylor came, we needed to get enough of the channel finished to stop the lambs coming onto the alpaca side of the hill.  The bottom bit was always going to be the worst bit because it bends over the culvert on the right and there is a dip on the left and we need enough of a channel to be able to drive the tractor and any trailer it may have on the back up there.

Whilst Gill and I did the fetch it carry it jobs the boys were knocking in posts and we managed to get enough posts and rails on to enable us to tie on the stock netting on Sunday morning before the mass sheep migration took place.

Dave (now a toonie, or townie to non locals like myself!) had offered to help gather the sheep.  Which were on the fifty odd acre field.  Off the three of us set and until we got to the gate at the bottom of the drive it was going quite well; it then took about an hour to get them up the drive!

Anyway all lambs are now weaned, yes I know it's late but many had already self weaned and we are far from short of grass so none of the ewes are looking thin.  With all the ewes dosed those that will be going to see the tup are now on the top of the hill happily munching copious amounts of grass before their boyfriends arrive on the scene next month.

The lambs are now on fresh grass and surprisingly quiet with only a few complaining that they want some milk.  There was a real mix of lambs, some are looking very nice indeed even if I do say so myself, but there were also a few not so good but we are in no rush to move them so it's not a problem.

The 21 ewe lambs be bought the other week are happily settled, no escaping like last years did, well not yet anyway.

On the alpaca front they are happy keeping their eye on goings on, and they have certainly been enjoying the sunshine, there have been lots of girls enjoying a spot of autumnal sunbathing.

Liberty is still taking her bottle well and is gaining weight which is good, she is back to her old self again now which is fabulous.  She even tried a bit of sugarbeet at lunchtime so hopefully it won't be long before she tries camelibre.

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I too seem to be having lots of connection problems and especially with really have to be dedicated to blog these days it takes so long...and after such a busy day too...proper farming!