Sunday 22 November 2009

Separation update

I'm pleased to report that the now weanlings coped very well with their first night away from mummy. To be honest I think they all had a better nights sleep than I did; I was feeling all guilty and worried about them.

Duke was particularly pleased to see me this morning and came running to the fence with his tail over his back humming away. As soon as I was through the gate he was wanting to give me a kiss which you just can't resist when he asks so nicely. He is a real little sweetie who I will miss when it comes to time to sell him.

There have already been a few people interested in purchasing Duke and his mate Tenzing but they need to settle in to life without their mums before I consider letting them go to pastures new.

Surprisingly all the mums seem to have coped fine without their offspring. In fact the only one looking slightly forlorn this morning was Kate, this is probably because she doesn't really like sharing her space with any other alpacas except for Star, so probably missed snuggling up to her daughter.

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