Friday 12 July 2013

Sandstorm has a son

This morning I received an exciting phone call from Phil at Castleside Alpacas to say that Celestial was in labour, oh no, Id been speaking to Jan only ten minutes earlier and she was out!!

Celestial (black) was mated to our fawn champion Sandstorm with a view to adding more density to her fine fleece, but being a black and fawn combination and only Sandstorms second cria I could only guess on the colour.

Its great the excitement you get during a birth and being on the other end of the phone whilst the Archers experienced their first home birth was fantastic.

At this point Phil was willing Celestial to push harder to get the shoulders out and I was will Jan to hurry up home so she didn't miss it.
Thankfully Jan made it home before Wesley was born, Sandstorms' first cria of the year and his first son.  He certainly looks like his daddy did at that age.

By all accounts Celestial is a fantastic first time mum and Wesley is having a great time running round exploring.

Hopefully he wont have too long to wait for a playmate from Lady Godiva.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Its hard to believe that Sandstorm is a Daddy ... I can remember when he was born !! Congratulations on the lovely new arrival ..its great to see your very first babies arriving safe and sound .... Jayne

Low Park said...

Just gorgeous! It must be exciting times up at Barnacre with all the lovely new arrivals....Fiona