Tuesday 10 June 2014

The most cria and the shortest gestation

Yesterday was a crazy day, we had four cria born, we have never had that many born on one day before.  

First up was Nicosia, she was in the early stages of labour when I checked the girls shortly after 5am, but last year it took her ages so I thought I was safe to co back to the house and get a cuppa; bad move next time we went up with food, there she was, a lovely dark brown cria trying to feed from a sat down Nicosia!

Having checked all was ok we went up to fed the boys and the littlies, on our way back down Meketaten had given birth to her baby too. A fawn boy boy who she really loves and wants to keep kissing but he keeps pulling away; h's a boy they don't do kisses in public!

These two weren't actually due until Wednesday, however than it nothing in comparison to Isadora who gave birth in the afternoon at 304 days gestation! As you an imagine she is very weak and needs a lot of TLC.

With a bit of help she can periodically left her head and is managing to feed a bit from mum.  She had been up one minute and flat as a pancake the next this afternoon, but I'm doing all I can. 

Whilst I was busy taking Isadora and her baby down and getting her settled Casiphia decided it would be a good idea to join in the fun and give birth at 313 days.  Her little man is really struggling, I've been working on him for the last 24 hours and he's still with us so he's a fighter!

Then this morning Beverley decided to join in the party and have hr baby, which wasn't due for another week.  He is a healthy wee chap though.


Unknown said...

Wow Debbie, four in one day would be work enough with out two premmies. Fingers crossed for you, I know if they are with you, they have every chance of making it x

Rosemary said...

Good grief! What a day!
Best wishes to all of them and you!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Blimey what a day, let's hope that they are all doing well. Hopefully you might get a day of rest now that four have arrived in one day ! Jayne