Thursday, 17 July 2014

Full on fawn

There has been lots of excitement here today, it started off with a call from Jan at Castleside Alpacas to say that Molly was in labour.  This was good because Paul was over there yesterday alpaca sitting in case Molly went into labour as it was one of their daughters graduation; I'm so pleased Molly hung on for them to be there.

Before I got the next update I had a call from midwife Joe at Rivenherd Alpacas to say that Carina had given birth to a big lively Sandstorm boy.  He looks a lovely chunky monkey, say hello to Azlan! (Thanks for the photo's Jackie)

The next call from Castleside, whilst we were doing a batch of lambivac injections, was that Molly wasn't getting anywhere so I was chatting Jan through what to do next.  She did a fantastic job of finding and re-positioning a leg which was back and safely delivering Sandstorms second fawn son of the day.  Well done Jan, you deserve a glass or two to celebrate!  And here he is....

Whilst all this was going on Willow was quietly getting on with giving birth without us even noticing!  She has a tendency to birth during the night so a mid morning birth is slightly out of the ordinary for her.  As I approached the girls field I saw a gathering and immediately knew someone was giving birth, I thought it would be Dawn though.

Willow had just given birth to a lovely little fawn girl from Gianmarco's Masterpiece, that's his second fawn female to a white girl this year. She is 6kg and was soon up and at the milk bar.

We were planning on moving the girls to fresh grass today so all seventy off of them set off down the hill, I'd kept Willow and Lucia back so their babies didn't get bashed.  I had planned on keeping Lucetta back too but she had other ideas!

It didn't take Willow's little girl long to catch everyone up, Willow was in hot pursuit.

Here they are on the nice fresh grass, this is Willow's sixth girl on the trot.  She was our first ever alpaca, she's one of those you'd never buy again but I'll never part with her, I love her to bits!

It's actually her first grandsons 4th birthday today, happy birthday Minimus!  Another Gianmarco baby with a very fine fleece.  His fourth fleece was tested this year at 20 micron, an SD of 4 and comfort  factor of 97.8%


Miriam said...

What a lovely blog, all those babies! Happy Birthday Minimus x

Unknown said...

Go Willow! I do love that assessment of her...we all have a Willow...but not all of them produce 6 girls in a row!

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Fabulous photo of the suckling!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Excellent news. Great photos and is that Minimus .... I've often wondered how big he is now !!! He's all grown up. Jayne