Tuesday 30 September 2014

Still waiting for Fair Lady

Fair Lady our last girl to birth still has her legs crossed on 361 days today, I'm really hoping we don't have much longer to wait, hope you've had more luck with your next one arriving Barbara!

Seeing as there are no new babies to introduce I will carry on with the ones we have already.  I had previously got up to Cerys, who is now owned by Balnuith Alpacas in Scotland.

Next up is Leyton, he's from Little Miss Irraquoy and Heart Throb, he was named Leyton because he was born late on in the evening the night before shearing.  As is always the case Irraquoy is super protective of her son and as with all her cria he has attitude.  He has a very nice fleece to go with it though!

Next up is Amarillo, he was born the day of shearing, again late by alpaca standards at 7.30pm and needed a fair bit of help to enter the world.  He is from Amata and Sandstorm and has a lovely buttery beige fleece which will make fantastic yarn; I'm already working out what I can knit with it!  

He got his name after a tomato (!), blame Paul, he calls his mum tomato for some reason so a tomato variety seemed to suit him.

The following day Kimchee gave birth to the biggest baby of the year (so far) at 10.5kg to a lovely brown girl Aryana meaning golden haired, she is sired by Darwin.  She is still the heaviest of the year, despite being almost a month younger than the oldest.  Aryana is full sister to Stargazer (black!) who is one of the boys we have for sale.

Next up is Stella (previously known as Cacace).  She is also sired by Darwin and from Cha Cha, she is a lovely girl with a nice fleece and great presence.  Stella and her mum have been sold, but luckily for me they will stay here on livery for a while yet.

The 7th June was a busy day for birthing, very shortly after Stella arrived Kealani produced Xanthe.  She is a sweet little girl, sired by Heart Throb, she has a lovely fine fleece which is a lovely shiny beige, hence her name, Xanthe meaning bright and blond.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Those babies are looking super lovely .... Come on for the last arrival, we've had three since then .... At this rate you'll have cria younger than mine ! Jayne

Unknown said...

Lovely looking cria Debbie.

Still waiting here too for our last birth, but at 348 days we are some way behind Fair Lady!