Monday 6 July 2009

All change

The weather has not been pleasant today, we have had very heavy showers and thunder. This was bound to happen as the field the girls went into yesterday has no field shelters, it has plenty of tree shelter but that's not the same.

We also seem to have been invaded by millions of flies in that particular field, it was horrible, so I've moved the girls again. No shelter and flies; I couldn't leave them like that.

They were very happy to be in another field of nice long lush grass (which I intended to leave for another two weeks). Tenzing and Duke, the two youngest cria have never been in this field so they were having a good explore with Star leading the way!

Before the heavens opened this morning I managed to get their old field fertilized which was good. It has already washed in so hopefully the first bit of sun and it will be sprouting nicely.

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