Tuesday 7 July 2009

More rain

We have had another day of very heavy rain showers that lasted for quite some time so I have been catching up with some updates on the website. In particular the shop, which was slightly out of date following some recent sales and further knitting projects completed by mum and I.

I also had some paperwork that needed doing so I'm almost back up to date now, which feels good. Paperwork used to be my daily job, now I hate having to sit at it. How times change.

On the alpaca front there have been no changes, Geena is still showing no signs of being pregnant let alone giving birth. She is 348 days today which is the average gestation period of her previous pregnancies. I really do hope there is something in there! Little Miss Irraquoy on the other hand is enormous, she is 335 days and doesn't look like she will be too much longer.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is supposed to be a little better so fingers crossed I can get on with some outside jobs. Yet again the weeds are taking over, in fact if I spent the next month out there digging them out constantly I don't think I'd win the war!

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