Thursday, 30 July 2009

I can see the floor

I have been having a major tidy up in my work room/studio today. It has been a complete mess in there for a while now, what with one thing and another I'd lost control of it - thankfully Paul doesn't stray into there; it's my space!

Following on from shearing there were bags of fleece everywhere, not to mention all the boxes of knitted stock, felting paraphernalia and show stuff. You can now see the floor and almost everything is reorganised. I will finish it off tomorrow, honest Paul.

My parents arrived this evening, mum bought some more knitwear for me so I will have to get the shop updated. There are already some outstanding alterations to do and I have sold a couple of items on line this week so there is plenty to do. Paul is usually the website man but he is so busy with other things it looks like I will have to add it to my job list.

Since I started topping up Heidi with the bottle she is coming on tremendously. She runs to meet you when she sees the bottle and is happy for anyone to feed her which is away good. This even my dad gave it to her then supper it was mums turn.

Finally, just for Jayne's benefit your rosettes are on there way to you!!!

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Thank-you ...... Im looking forward to seeing them, couldn't help notice you got your fleece stats back !!....I only dream of those results, Im still waiting for mine to return. I could do with a good tidy up inside and out !, my parents are coming up to see me this weekend, I have a mountain of house-work to do !!, sometime before then !.......Jayne