Wednesday 15 July 2009

LMI strikes again

Little Miss Irraquoy has had me in stitches again tonight. I went out to put Sandstorms coat on just in case he finds himself left somewhere in a rain shower overnight and LMI went mad as I approached. She was squealing so loudly at the coat, not me, that the neighbour came running from their stable to our fence to see what was going on.

She then started spitting at the coat and me whilst Sandstorm and the rest of the herd looked on in confusion. Once I had put the coat on her son it was as though nothing had happened and off the wondered together. She's nuts!

I got a lovely parcel of knitting from my mum today, more ballerina booties, a baby hat and a peaked beret in the very popular Gabby & Imala mix. We are off to the Otterburn Festival this weekend so the extra stock will come along with us (unless the weather is really bad and I will leave it at home). Thanks mum you're the best.


Lucy said...

ha ha ha. She does sound like a character. I don't think Hayley liked me in my Aussie rain hat either - she spat at it immediately. I had to take it off before I could get near her.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

These alpacas are really quite strange.... ! Nice to hear that your mum has been busy for your trip to Otterburn ... how do you have the time to fit it all in, I understand that you are also helping weigh the fleeces for Kelso !!.....let me know what you think of Zanubis's...he is so different after shearing.....Jayne

janet (mum) said...

Hi Debbie,I can imagine what LMI was like and how funny it must have been.I hope it stays fine for you at the weekend for Otterburn and you do well with the knitwear.I know Hughie and Loki will enjoy meeting all the people.