Friday 31 July 2009

Guinea is not happy Legend had a job

This morning I had a mating to do and a few spit offs. Golden guinea had a couple of girls to do pregnancy spits with and Legend had an appointment with one of the ladies. Good news for everyone except Guinea was his two girls spat so he had to watch Legend doing his stuff.

This did not go down well at all, Guinea was so revved up refused point blank to leave the girls field and go back this own. It took mum and I an hour to get him to leave the girls, we pushed and pulls, bribed him and in the end I left him and took Legend off in the hope he would think that he had another job.

It worked in the end but it was hard work. You may recall me saying he didn't want to leave earlier in the week but today he was so naughty.

Oonagh is really getting grumpy now with anyone (with the exception of me and Paul). She still has about three and a half weeks to go but is so large I'm not sure she will last that long. Her mum and grandma have always had their cria quite early so I think she is going to follow in that trait.

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