Wednesday 18 November 2009

Flooding and more rain forecast

After a night of torrential rain I knew the fields were going to be wet and they certainly were. I had to wade through the gate with the hay for the girls, the puddle was about 5 inches deep.

Despite all the rain our brown stud male, Golden Guinea had obviously spent the whole evening and night in the shelter with Loki as they were both completely dry whilst Hughie looked like he'd been for a swim in a swap!

I have also sussed who is the culprit for relieving themselves in the girl's shelter, Mary. She was bone dry this morning, which is good because she is the one girl who feels the cold. She had obviously spent the night in there with her 2007 daughter Ursula because they were the only two girls dry.

I thought I would share a few photo's with you, this is one of our neighbours fields that I am standing in. The road is in between the estate rail fencing.

Here I am actually in the road, there is no way Paul would have got home in the MG this way tonight! I didn't dare go any further as the current was very strong and I was almost at the top of my wellies.


Apple Vale Alpacas said...

The forecast for the north looks terrible - hope you and yours get through it unscathed. Dave.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Blimey....its really hard to believe where all that rain comes from....and where it goes...we have rain tonight, I thought it was going to be a dry night and I've left the older boys out !!..lets hope its not too this rate I think you'll need some waders...not wellies...Jayne

janet said...

I hope it does not get any worst than it already is. I really feel sorry for the animals too. Lets hope you have a better day tomorrow

Lucy said...

Wow, that's some amount of water!