Monday 9 November 2009

Rear of the year

What a very frosty start to the morning and as usual everyone was waiting for me when I went out. It is so nice to be wanted.

It has been a very busy day what with one thing and another. I had plans to get some knitting done to replenish some of the stock sold at the weekend. Paul had kindly offered to take a parcel to the post office for me to save me going in to Morpeth. It was one of our paca poo poo fire brick that had been sold - I hope the person behind the counter didn't want to know what was in the packet!

Before I had finished my morning routine of feeding and checking everyone I had a phone call from a previous customer with, in his words, an emergency. He was off to France in a couple of days time and wanted to purchase some more of my knitwear to take with him for a very special new arrival.

She is a very lucky little girl as I packaged up a hat, cardigan and booties which I then had to rush to the post office to make sure it arrived in time for his trip. So much for saving me a trip to Morpeth. Not that I am complaining, at this rate there will be nothing left to sell by Christmas.

When I got back I had to get the sheep ready for a trip to see the tups. Alan takes them for me and they spend a few weeks with his girls meeting the boys. My girls never like socialising with other sheep, they are far too good for that, and as for Mia (she was my first ever pet lamb that never realised she was a sheep), it will be interesting to see if she actually stays in the field. I half expect her to wander back home by the end of the week!

Getting back to the alpacas, people always find it amazing that I can identify everyone by their hum or back end so I thought I would share a photo of the girls enjoying their hay and try and identify the rear. Here goes......

Starting from the front left; Imala, Irraquoy, Molly, Veruschka, Ursula,Molly, Gabby, Sandstorm, Kealani (having a sneaky drink from mum), Oonagh. Mary is between the mangers with Lualeni looking at me. Then it's Palm-Olive, Aria, Sienna, Angelus, Willow and Chiquita.

Behind the manger is Geena, Nefertiti, Duke (you have to look closely it's only his nose), Kate, Mallika, Alice (I think it may be Milly) and Katia.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

I have played spot the alpaca...tonight ! have done well with your knitware orders...and the alpaca poo bricks in the post !!! they say !....Jayne