Thursday 20 December 2012

A year in

This week marks the anniversary of the animals (and us) moving onto Liberty Hill, it only seems like yesterday that we were freezing our ears to the pillows in the caravan!

The animals have settled and we are starting to get things sorted, it's a slow job when you are doing fencing and the like yourselves and with friends but we're getting there and we will be eternally grateful to our wonderful friends and family who have been helping.  As a little thank you we are having the Barnacre Christmas party on Saturday night!

We still have, and will always probably have fencing to do but the next major project is shelters.  We don't as yet have shelters in all the fields.  Although with the weather as it is at the minute no one is wanting to step foot out of the shed to venture into a field. 

We have had driving rain and high winds all day.  On a plus point I did finish my Christmas shopping, not the knitting though so I'm off..................


Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Wow, doesn't time fly! Don't think we can make it on saturday :-) We need a shelter in our new paddock - they'd only been there a day, and I moved them back due to this weather!

Shirley said...

Well done Debbie & Paul (Mum, Dad & Friends!)on all you've achieved in the first year on the farm. It's been a busy one for you. Have a great party - hope you are having it in the big shed with all the animals! Shirley & Robbie