Sunday 16 December 2012

Visitors galore

We are coming to the end of another busy weekend.  Yesterday we gathered all the blackie sheep up again and all but two appeared to have coloured bums so that's good.  Hopefully having been serviced means they will all be pregnant.

I've not actually seen our Shetland tup Galaxy doing his stuff and he doesn't have a raddle on so I think I may have to get those girls scanned with the pet lowlands (I don't can the blackies).  Unfortunately we lost the old Shetland ewe on Saturday, she was old with no teeth so most 'proper farmers' would have sent her away by now but not me!

Today has been a full on alpaca day with three lots of visitors, first Eric and Pat, new owners of Seymour, Leonidas and Olly-Impic.  Next up was a walk and talk couple who I forgot to ask if I could name so I'd better not.  It was a surprise anniversary present for the husband and they both had a lovely time so that was good.  Nadia, Piccolina and Angelica got to go for a walk today.

Finally Barbilla had a visitor from her new owner, Fran (& Simon) Barbilla is on livery here and will stay on livery for the foreseeable future.

Having got all excited about having finished all my knitwear orders I received another one this morning, so the knitting needles will be steaming again this week to make sure I catch the last posting date for Christmas.  I can never say no!

I'm trying to get my Christmas cards written tonight although I don't seem to be getting very far in between answering Paul's accounting questions, ironing and stopping one of the cats scratching the door - she obviously wants out but I don't like them out overnight; sorry Tilly!


Bev said...

I'm sat at home surrounded by sheep, but I'd never ask Charlie the farmer the silly questions I'd like to. Like does the tup visit every ewe only once? and Charlie has 4 tups, do they split the ladies up between themselves? I think I understand alpacas mating now, spitting off etc, but sheep mating seems so random, doesn't a randy tup just want to go on and on? I'm sat at home because I've got a bad cold, I may be a bit delirious.

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

The tups are very much the opportunist, and most of the ladies are game for anything! We have a number of ewes who have purple bums so have been visited by Bruiser (Blue) and Robin (Red)!
Wesley (green) is in charge here so the young boys stay clear of him. Wesley likes the top of the hill so he can see what everyone's up too I think.