Tuesday 12 February 2013

Loving Liberty

I know, I know, it's ages since I blogged.  I've been getting abuse from all angles so I thought I'd better find time to blog.

We have now weaned almost all of last years cria (two to go) and like many people this year we seem to be weaning some at much lower weights than we would usually like.  30kg is usually our aim but many have been in the 20's this year. 

Thankfully as of yesterday they are all now eating hard feed, Lacie and her best friend Palace were the last.  Palace is Willow's baby and anyone who has been a longstanding follower of the Barnacre herd will know that Willow is last for everything and her all her offspring seem to develop the same attitude to life! I think peer pressure persuaded Palace that it was a good idea last night!

As we spend so much time with our alpacas (and all the other animals for that matter), we have lots of friendly weanlings.  At the weekend Liberty took a particular fancy to Taylor and there was some mutual loving going on.

Taylor was enjoying the loving just as much as Liberty, but being a 5 year old boy I'm sure he'll deny it if asked!


Shirley said...

Lovely photo Debbie. It's the sort of one where you could run a competition to find the best script! Shirley & Robbie

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Nice to see happier times ...and a little bit of 'Alpaca Loving' ...there seems so much sadness around ....bring on the happy times .. we all could do with a little bit of 'lovin' ....Jayne