Wednesday 27 February 2013

That's me

Thank you for the birthday wishes yesterday, it's hard to believe where the times goes isn't it.  How my life has changed since my management days in an office with colour co-ordinated bags, shoes and nails!  I wouldn't change it for the world.

Basil the goat is feeling a bit happier today, although he is obviously still feeling rather sore and giving me that look, you know the one that makes you feel so guilty.  It was for the best Basil; honest.

It has been a glorious day here today, all the animals have been out enjoying some sunshine on their backs and there has even been a bit of drying out going on.  Mind you it is going to take some time for things to really dry up.

I have been out this afternoon with the camera taking photos of our latest knitwear and some of my dad's fabulous hand woven scarves.  Hughie came over to check out the ones that were spun from his baby fleece, they are sooooo soft.
The boys were very sneaky at the end of my photo shoot, I had lots of things to carry, knitwear, heads, hands, camera, phone and the mannequin so I ended up leaving the mannequin at the gate, wedged so it wasn't in the mud whilst I put my knitwear down.

In the few seconds that my back was turned the boys scarpered through the gate and were stood at their pen waiting to go to bed!  There was no sign of them when I came through the gate!!

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Excellent to see your Dads lovely woven scarf .. those boys, beating you to bed, fancy that .... Jayne