Sunday 3 March 2013

With a little help from my friends

It's been another busy few days here, Friday the alpacas had visitors, well more specifically Ant & Dec had their new mum and dad, Jan & John, over to say hello and do a spot of halter training.

The boys had never even had the head collar on, however they were very good and had a little walk down to the gate (where the goats were waiting to come back in, as it was past 3pm!).

Over the weekend we have been busy fencing.  Gill, Ross and Taylor came over on Saturday laden with  lots of lovely homemade cakes and a pie for lunch.
We need to get another field fenced for Sunbursts arrival in a few weeks time, so today to help further Carol & Dave came over, once again laden with goodies - aren't we supposed to be the ones feeding the workers?!
Whilst Paul, Dave & I were out fencing Carol washed last nights tea pots I'd not got round to washing and cleaned my kitchen, sewed up a hole in Paul's coat pocket and did some knitting.  I feel like the magic elves have been here all weekend, thank you folks, we are so lucky to have such good friends.  Farming 220 acres is hard work!
This evening I thought as I had help to bring everyone in I could stand at the gate and take a few photos seeing as Dave at Apple Vale complained I failed on a recent occasion to get the inward bound race.
Well here it is, darkies are always first.

And trailing at the back is always one of the Willow clam, tonight it was her granddaughter Piccolina!

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Your statement at the top of the photos made me giggle ... can you really say that !!! ;0) ...great photos of the homeward bound alpacas .....Jayne