Wednesday 10 July 2013

The ride continutes

The bumpy ride continues here I'm afraid, the highs and lows of farm life can be tough.

On Sunday morning Allie, one of the livery girls we have for sale, went into labour.  It soon became apparent that things were not going to plan, the delivery wasn't progressing, something was clearly stuck.

After lots of lube and rearranging I finally managed to release the second leg and was soon out enjoying the sunshine.  This white boy is from our superfine Gianmarco's Masterpiece and he is already looking very impressive.

Born on Wimbledon final day and Inglefield being on the letter M this year what else could he be called but Murray!
Unfortunately for Murray, Allie has masses of milk which is resulting in huge and I mean huge teats, they are easily an inch and a half wide!  So he is struggling to latch on properly.  So much so he lost almost 600gms.  I am milking Allie and feeding it to Murray from a bottle which seems to be helping.  He is also sucking on the very end of mums teats but I'm hoping he will manage to get the whole thing in soon!
On a sad note on Tuesday we had to have Cassiopeia put to sleep following her recent stroke. She seemed to have another seizure Monday night which left her with more facial paralysis.  Tuesday morning she seemed a little better but I knew what the vet was going to say when he came out.
Sadly he felt the kindest thing to do was to put her to sleep, poor Cassiopeia was  almost 19 years old and  still holding a fleece of 22 micron.  Her legacy will live on in her daughter Lily who like her mum is a stunning girl.
Back to happier news and today Freyja finally decided to give birth today to her Legend of Spartacus cria at 383 days gestation, our longest ever!  Despite this massive gestation period Freyja has given birth to the smallest cria of the year so far at 5.14kg!  We have named him Attila, meaning Little Father.
Just like his half brother from Lualeni he has an inside out ear!

 And here are his half brothers!


Shirley said...

Sorry to read about poor Cass, but she has had a great life with you. Plenty of new life about Barnacre though, and thats great. Shirley & Robbie

Unknown said...

You won we only went 382 days here!!

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Wow, 383 days - that's not gestation, that's well on the way to being a yearling!