Sunday, 29 September 2013

Departures and Arrivals

This weekend has seen arrivals and departures, saying bye to alpacas is always a real mix of emotions; great to see how excited new owners get but sad to say bye too.  Saturday was the turn of Snow and her cria Middleton.  This was Snow on Friday before she left, she has been here on livery for over a year and is a lovely girl.
And this was a very excited Jan from Castleside taking delivery on Saturday afternoon.  Snow was so chilled out I'm not sure she even noticed she'd moved house!

We actually ended up bring Palm-Olive (a Remarque daughter) back, she decided to sit when we spat her off and typically Gianmarco hadn't gone along for the ride.  So Palm-Olive and Isaac have come back for a few weeks to get her mated.  She clearly hadn't forgotten her old mates, Isaac on the other hand clearly found so many white mums a tad confusing!
Today Fran and Simon came to visit, they have a couple of girls on livery here.  First job from Fran was to feed Asher, I'm not sure who enjoyed it most Fran or Asher.

Then we did a spot of halter training with the young boys, Plato and Luca were on the list today and both boys behaved well, I was particularly impressed at how well Plato did, he was a good boy.
Whilst we were doing the halter work Paul had gone to collect some more Shetland sheep.  I do like my little shetties, so we now have another 11 for Galaxy to enjoy in a few weeks time.  As you can see they were happy to explore their new field - Mia (pet lamb from many years ago) is the supervising sheep checking out the new arrivals!!

Another arrival today was not a welcome one; one of the girls has aborted a tiny male cria, it's just over 6.5cm and fully formed.  No one was wanting to own up to it this evening so I'm not sure who it belongs to.  Going on the size of it I have my suspicions, it must be one of the early girls.  So sad.


Rosemary said...

Very sad - but very interesting to see, thank you.

Fran said...

Oh that's sad. A mixed day then, but the new sheep are lovely and so good.

Unknown said...

Is it a coincidence but every aborted cria we have had has been male?

Liking the work with the birthday present.!

Low Park said...

Asher looks as though he's doing well, despite the sad loss of his mum