Sunday 1 September 2013

A birthday treat

We've had a busy weekend again, one day we will have time to relax I'm sure, just not sure when it will be!
Friday even Gill, Ross and Taylor came over, it seems like ages since we saw them.  Once again the Pearson's seem to have fallen for a black girl, this time Patience was the one to steal their hearts.  Patience is a bit hit and mill with her top up bottle so I wasn't sure if she would take it off the ever enthusiast Taylor, but she started off well.

Reinforcements were soon called for in the form of Ross, Gill was actually feeding the girls at this point and anyone who follows us on twitter (@BarnacareAlpacas) will have seen how popular she was.
Saturday was my birthday, but no lie in or day off, we were at Bellingham Show, so I was up just after 5am whilst Paul snored for another hour or so!!  With everyone fed and the car loaded off we went; and yes Taylor I did wear my badge!!
It was a fabulous day, the girls proved very popular as did our knitwear, in fact it was then second best day out we've had so far this year.  I've already been giving mum and Carol the hurry up on their knitting because at this rate we'll have nothing left for Christmas.

Today we have been over to look at some land so see it's suitability for alpacas and also make sure we are happy with the perspective new owners.  It is something we are always vary careful with, assessing all new owners and their ability to care for them in the way we do.  I'm not very good at parting with them I know.  I'm not afraid to say no!

Todays couple had nothing to worry about, their clearly have some fab facilities and care for the existing animals fantastically.  All I have to do now is work out who is right for them and if I can part with them - tissues at the ready.


Shirley said...

A belated 'happy birthday' Debbie! Shirley & Robbie

Unknown said...

Yes, hope you had a good one Debbie!

Bev said...

Relax? I'm surprised to hear it's even in your dictionary.. Happy Birthday Debbie.

Rosemary said...

A very happy birthday!

Low Park said...

Belated happy birthday Debbie. Looking forward to more super pics on your blog from your new birthday camera xx