Thursday 29 August 2013

One in one out

Its been another busy day on the farm, after the routine morning rounds we had a lovely couple visit who I spoke to at the Glendale Show on Monday, they are thinking of getting alpacas and wanted to see our herd and chat things through.

We had a little fleece rummage and a good chat, hopefully I didn't bore them too much, you know what its like when you have enthusiastic alpaca visitors it's hard to know when to shut up!

As they left we had more visitors knocking on the door, this time some of our old neighbours from Angerton.  They were all so nice and friendly I really do miss them so it was great to see Rick, Jackie, Vicky & Stu. 

I had to check that they were only leaving with alpaca poo as Vicky was rather taken with the angora kids and I thought she might try and sneak off with one! 

Not that I can blame her, how can you not love these.......

Tomorrow I have a lot of alpaca moving round to do so hopefully everyone will behave - wish me luck!


Unknown said...

Good luck!

Rosemary said...

I want an angora goat! They are just gorgeous!

Good luck with the movements - is there something big and exciting going on?!

Andrew said...

They are seriously cute things. Oh for more land and time.