Tuesday 6 August 2013

Rabbit races

Not many words tonight as my keyboard batteries appear to be going flat so I keep missing out letters!!
What a difference a day makes, this morning we woke to a nice blue sky and the sun soon made an appearance.  The main bunch of cria started the day with their usual bunny races; they seem to take great delight in chasing the rabbits!
At the front of the gang we have Elfrida and Selby.
After a wet arrival yesterday Patience is now fully dry and a real cutie, I can't wait to see how her fleece develops.

As with all Geena cria she requires a bottle top up as Geena doesn't produce much milk but thankfully she likes her goats milk; hopefully it will stay that way and as long as you bribe Geena with a bit of carrot she doesn't panic too much!

Finally I thought I'd share a couple of Sandstorm cria shots, these two are so alike it could quite easily be the same one.  First up we have Middleton (from Snow).

And secondly we have Gabby's little girl who has yet to be named but is currently affectionately known as mini me as she is a miniature Gabby.


Unknown said...

What a lovely photo at the start of the blog Debbie. I am liking the look of Patience what a bright fleece and typical BS head. Sandstorm is stamping himself well!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Beautiful babies every where ... its lovely to see the offspring from Sandstorm and little Patience looks stunning .... Jayne