Wednesday 28 August 2013

Boys and the facts

The boys have been out and about today, we headed over to Castleside Alpacas over in County Durham with Sunburst (rose grey), Sandstorm (fawn) and Gianmarco's Masterpiece (white) to do some spit offs and a mating.

Three of their four girls had already been serviced by two of the boys, Sunburst the lucky lad had already covered Lady Godiva (fawn) and Celestial (black) and Molly (white) had seen Sandstorm so these girls needed spitting off.

As I always like to try and let the boy have a girl at the end of the spit offs Marky got the job, Molly didn't even want to come in so that was a good sign is she is a complete floosy and falls to be boys feet.  Great news she spat, Celestial kicked and spat and even super laid back Godiva gave a spit.

Lucky for Marky Palm-Olive (a Remarque daughter) was ready to be mated so his reward was a mating to the lovely Palm-Olive, which should produce something stunning.

Talking of stunning we have just had our fleece stats back and we are so pleased with them.  Gianmarco's Masterpiece's 7th fleece is an amazing 22.9 micron, which is unchanged from last year, not only is his maintaining a fine fleece the comfort factor is a fabulous 91.4%.

He is also passing on this longevity of fineness to his progeny, Minimus's third fleece is still clarified as Ultrafine at 17.6 micron with an SD of 3.9 and 99.5% comfort factor!

Sandstorms 4th fleece is 21.3 micron with an SD of 5 and a comfort factor of 94.4% and Sunbursts 3rd fleece is 21.8 micron with an SD of 4.3 and comfort factor of 96.3%.

I wont bore you with all the stats but I will say that 8 of our cria from last year have a 100% comfort factor, an average micron of 16.4 and an average of SD of 3.7, and this includes black, grey and dark brown.

I do love to see the hard facts of the fleece stats, shows are great but there is no arguing with the scientific results of the fleece stats.

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wow, amazing fleece stats!