Thursday 15 August 2013

All change

Everyone has had a bit of a move round here, we were supposed to be having a few tons of lime spread on most of the alpaca fields and the hay field.  I say 'supposed to' as there was a technical hitch; despite the guy being told the size of our channel and gateways he turned up with a monstrous tractor and spreader and couldn't actually get in most of the fields!
This was after he walked up the channel with me and asked me to move all over the 12 foot hay hecks (not on wheels) to the size; which as usual I had to do single handed.  As you can imagine I was none to impressed when he announced he'd done two fields and couldn't do the rest.
The girls are not very impressed with their neighbours down the valley, a number of cows have arrived, rather noisy ginger ones which is resulting in lots of alarm calling from the girls who seem to think they are giant foxes or something.  I have to agree with them I'm not much of a cow lover myself!
We now have just one birth to go from one (yes there's more!) of our new girls, oops yes I've been spending again; Paul really shouldn't leave me alone with the check book.  EP Cambridge Pressure is from Jolimont Encantador, and is holding her fineness well; just as Gianmarco's Masterpiece is who has Encantador as his grandsire on his dams side.
Pressure is very friendly and settled in immediately, as you can see it doesn't look like it will be long before she has her cria.
Pressure is pregnant to Sandjo Shalimar of Anzac, so her cria has Purrumbete Highlander genetics too...... oh its so exciting!

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Another exciting arrival .... shame about the lime spreading especially after all your hard work to move the hay hecks ! Get him to turn up with a smaller tractor !! Jayne