Sunday 18 August 2013

Looking like butter wouldn't melt....

Oh how looks can be deceiving!  The cria are all full of mischief at the minute, there are a number of boys who are always trying to mate their mates; mentioning no names but most of them seem to belong to Legend !!
Then there are a couple of pairs who love to play fight.  Ashling (right) and Asher (left) are so full of mischief it is so funny to watch.  They stand there looking like butter wouldn't melt in their mouths; and then
A sneaky little bite

Results in a big bite

Results in full on wrestle

Slam dunk!

Then there's Murray (right) and Middleton (left), the two Inglefield livery boys.

These two are always playing chase and woe betide anyone or anything that gets in the way.  It usually ends up with one running round mouth agape

But tides are usually turned

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Shirley said...

Great to see the wee ones running around and enjoying themselves. Mischievous or what? Shirley & Robbie