Sunday 23 March 2014

All weaned

The final weaning has been very delayed this year to say the least.  It's a job I always hate but with some of the littlies being very little and weight gains for some being slow we've been putting off weaning the last few, but we could no longer put it off anymore.

Our weanlings range from 42kg down to a tiny 17kg, but that's Pasha, Minimus's brother so he was bound to be small, but even Minimus was 18kg when he was weaned!

The usual handful of mum's who hate weaning have been stood at the gate and fence all day but the babies have been very brave, there was a fair bit of humming from a few tonight though who are obviously missing their bedtime milk.

I did intend taking some photo's of them enjoying their new field but having had alpaca visitors it never actually happened, so here are a few I took on Wednesday in the wind; I love to see their fleeces blowing in the wind.

First up we have Asher, a real sweetie who will be one of the boys who goes on the sales list soon.  I'll miss him as he's an affectionate little man.

Next up we have Ashling, now she's one of the small ones who has been weaned today, the pest has stayed the same weight three weeks running so has had a vitamin injection today to see if that helps.  I'm glad I decided not to enter her into the NWAG show!

She has a lovely fleece though so may make it to the shows later in the year; she also has the more adorable face.

Next up we have Bounty, she was weaned three months ago now!

Now this is Czara, she was orphaned back in November so was sort of weaned then, however Pressure took pity on hr trying to pinch milk and eventually happily fed her along with her own cria!

Next up is Kamenwati, he is a little thug, but a lovable one, he spends all his time looking for mischief, in fact he had from the minute he was born, hence his name which means dark rebel!  He is one big ball of fleece, just look at the size of his neck, he is going to make someone a very entertaining and fantastic fiber producing pet boy.

Any finally for tonight we have Mellan, meaning small and pleasant, he was a tiny 5kg born and is still on the small size, but I,m sure he'll catch the others up eventually.  He's be another one of the boys to go on the sales list in due course.


Unknown said...

Less than two weeks to get that halter training complete for NWAG...think I might have been over ambitious entering so many. Good luck!

Unknown said...

Of all those lovely pictures I think Ashling won my heart!