Wednesday 26 March 2014

More Weanies

I've managed to get out and take a few more weanling pictures to share with you all.  All the littlies seem to have settled quite well, in fact the one still complaining the most is the biggest, and oldest; Silhouette.  She is from our new brown boy Darwin and ChaCha, one of the girls we have for sale, but I'm thinking I might take her off the sales list until she's birthed this year so I can see what she produces as she's been mated to Darwin again so is carrying Silhouettes full sibling- I've not mentioned this to Paul yet!!

Silhouette would be part of the show team had she not have completely ruined her fleece!  It is so matted up with bits of hay and goodness knows what you can hardly open it. The only way we will be able to use her fleece will be to cut off the top inch after she's been sheared.  

 Next up we have Patience, now she is from Geena (Mum to our black stud Loki) and Black Sabbeth.  She has a really vocal little girl with a chip on her shoulder.  She was partially bottle fed for a few weeks as Geena only produces milk in two teats so needs help feeding cria, but Patience soon started eating hard feed and didn't want a bottle anymore!

Next up is Murray, born the day Andy Murray won Wimbledon, hence the name.  Murray has a very fine fleece (inherited from his dad Gianmarco) and masses of it (inherited from his mum) along with some fantastic Australian genetics, including Jolimont Gianmarco, Jolimont Sculptor, Jolimont Encantador and Jolimont Conquistador, so we have high hopes for Murray.

Next up it's little Pasha, now Pasha is the weanie weanling, not that he lets that bother him, he's just like his oldest brother Minimums completely horizontal!  Chiquita is really missing him which is so ironic as sh paid no real attention to him in the field until bedtime, he always had to hunt hr down for a feed. Pasha just like his brothers will never be sold, he's going nowhere, other than some of the agricultural shows.  Chiquita's cria are always keepers!!!  Much to Paul's disgust, there is no discussion on the subject.

And then we have Jumping Jack, who is super nosy and very friendly despite having a very nervous mum in Fair Lady.  I know I am going to have to put him on the sales list at some point but I'm hoping I can hide him for a little while yet.

Finally I thought you might like to see how Czara, mentioned in my last blog, managed to pinch milk from Pressure, she morphed herself to Diamanta, meet Czarmanta, the to headed alpaca!!


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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Pasha is a real sweetie, I've got a little one this year....little Zambo has been left behind in the growing stakes, despite being the oldest cria of last year ! Do you have a photo of Minimus all grown up !! Jayne