Monday 8 September 2014

30 and counting

Following Rosemary's comment on my last blog I thought I would go our with the camera and get a current photo of all this years cria to date.

There have been 30 born, sadly you may recall one was still born (Ursula's) and we had two premature cria born at 304 and 314 days which we lost but the rest are doing well.

 We still have two or three to arrive, Marne who knows, what do you think?!

She's on 406 days and looks and acts pregnant, just doesn't have milk or showing any interest in giving birth.  She's even looking distended at the back end now!

The cria that have arrived, in age order are:-

Invisible Sam, he's from Carol and Sunburst, born on 13th May, full of mischief and with an exceptionally fine bright fleece.  You may recall he got his name after our vet Sam and the Queen song Invisible Man.

Next up is Selkis, she is from Highland Rose and Darwin, born on 20th May she has a fabulous grey fleece, sadly without the white face she wont be able to enter halter shows but she'll dfinately be entering fleece shows. 

She is a very vocal little thing who is exceptionally greedy and has striped her mum of all condition, she will be weaned as soon as we possibly can!

Next up is little Pixie, born on 23rd May, she is from Imala and Sandstorm, after a great start her weight gain slowed and she is now being topped up with goats milk which has helped her reach 18.6kg last weekend.

Next up is another Sandstorm baby, this boy is from Nefertiti and has yet to be named.  Despite me saying I wouldn't agree to sell a boy with a great fleece and possible stud potential at a young age I have done it again!  This chap's new owner is currently in the process of thinking of a suitable name for him.

Next on the list is Cerys, another Sunburst baby, you may recall I sold her and her mum Midnight Star a couple of weeks ago.  We are going to see her tomorrow as we are heading off up to Scotland with a trailer full.  We are delivering some girls we have sold and taking up a couple of the stud boys who have appointments with some Scottish Ladies.

More on that on our return, I will remember to take my camera! 

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Shirley said...

A lovely lot of cria Debbie- guess it's pretty hard to let any of them go. Shirley & Robbie