Thursday 16 April 2009

Aria keeps me guessing

When I checked the girls just before 6am Aria was off on her own, a sign she might be thinking about giving birth. After observing for a while and with nothing occurring I headed off back in for my breakfast. When I returned with the girls breakfast she was back with everyone and promptly ran at full speed with Kate (who is due next) to the feed troughs - maybe not then!

She has been fine all day and other than rather frequent trips to the dung piles she has shown no further signs of wanting to give birth. They do like to keep us guessing don't they.

After the tea time feed I've been off helping Alan with his lambing, he was off to do the evening check of the fields and feed the sheep and lambs in the shed. We had to pick up a mum and her lamb who needed to go in the shed for the night and a couple of lambs that quite clearly needed feeding.

Two bottles and three tube feeds later, a few pens to clean out and water to fill up it was back home in the dark. Paul thought I'd ran off with the farmer!!

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