Friday 24 April 2009

It's Friday!!!!

Well where did that week go, I can't believe it's Friday already.

I had a bit of a yucky job to do this morning, Princess Mallika had a bit of a dirty back end, too much spring grass I think, so I cleaned her up. You can't, and I wouldn't, chance leaving anyone with a dirty bum when there are flies about, especially when the alpacas are so full of fleece. Thankfully she was very well behaved and let me do the necessary, I'm sure she didn't like being dirty either.

Little Palm-Olive has moved into her big girl coat this evening, she is on my third size now in less than three weeks. At this rate she will overtake Gaussian who incidentally had his last bottle this morning.

I will continue to monitor is weight and if need be revert to the bottle. I am still forcing the cria pellets into his mouth as he is showing no interest in getting his own.

I had a lovely chat with a new manure collecting couple this afternoon, the live locally and had replied to one of my Freecycle adverts. As usual Hughie got extremely excited at new people arriving in his field, he is such a character I love hm to bits.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Hughie is a dream-boy....he's special....indeed, nice to see that Palm-Olive is doing well, she will soon be the size of the sounds of things, they grow so quickly....but remember....good things come in little packages...thats Gaussian !..Jayne